Push Notifications

Push Notifications Engage Customers!

Businesses large and small are sending eye-catching notifications right to their customer’s Smart Phones, which have been proven to reach customers wherever they are directly on their phones. Push Notifications appear as Text Messages with Full-Color Graphics.  Your company can send them for free with Business Basics and Enterprise Apps from Go Mobile by Higher Achievements. Our customers use Notifications to tell their customers about events such as blood drives, sponsorship  launches, grand openings, special sales and any other announcement of importance. Your business can too!

Push Notifications are easier to send than email and they don’t end up in spam boxes. Studies show that nearly 100% of text messages are opened and responded to within 60 minutes. That’s why Push Notifications are so essential to an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • Engage customers
  • Keep customers informed and connected
  • Guide customers to your business
  • Drive traffic to your web site

Push Notification Examples


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 NotificationsA  NotificationsB
 NotificationsD  NotificationsC
NotificationsF NotificationsE
NotificationsG NotificationsH